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How to Maintain Your Stamped Concrete Driveway

A stamped concrete driveway is both an aesthetically beautiful choice and an extremely durable surface. In fact, it is said to be a stronger surface than traditional concrete. On top of that, you get the look and feel of more expensive materials - such as marble, granite and brick, without the expense often associated with such surfaces. There are some steps you can take to maintain your stamped concrete driveway and keep it looking just as good as it looked when you had it installed.

Avoid Using Salt and Other Corrosives

While it is tempting to throw down some rock salt to keep snow from sticking to your stamped concrete driveway, corrosives like this aren't good for your stamped concrete driveway. If you absolutely need to salt your driveway, do it sparingly or use a safer alternative such as an ice melt mixture.

Sweep to Remove Debris

Sweep away any light debris periodically. Go ahead and get the leaf blower out in the fall. You can even use the shovel in the winter to remove heavy snow and a snow blower is just fine too.

Pressure Wash for Tougher Debris

Get out the pressure washer to remove tougher dirt and debris that tends to get stuck in the cracks and crevices of your stamped concrete driveway. Go ahead and go full throttle with the pressure washer to get off dirt that is hard to remove. If you are concerned that pressure washing might be too harsh, soap, water, and a hose work just fine.

Save the Skateboarding for the Park or Sidewalk

While your stamped concrete driveway is highly durable, it can still be damaged by skateboarding and other similar activities. If you want to keep your decorated concrete in tip-top shape, save the skateboarding and bike riding for the park or sidewalk.

Reapply Sealer As Needed

Your stamped concrete driveway should be resealed on a regular basis to keep it looking like it did when it was first installed. You can find a good commercial sealer at most hardware stores. The contractor who installed you stamped concrete driveway can also offer recommendations. There is no general rule for when sealer should be reapplied. It really depends on several factors, including:

  • The weather conditions where you live
  • The amount of vehicle traffic on your stamped concrete driveway
  • How elaborate the design is on your driveway


Remove Stains Immediately

Stains from gasoline or oil may discolour your stamped concrete driveway if they sit for too long. Sealer does offer some protection from absorption, but it's still best to remove stains as quickly as possible to avoid even light discolouration that may become noticeable over time.

Any residential driveway, even one made with stamped concrete, isn't designed to support heavy vehicle traffic such as moving vans or heavy construction equipment. You also want to avoid scraping the metal blades of shovels and other tools on the surface of your stamped concrete driveway. Avoid using harsh chemicals and remove stains as quickly as possible. Like anything worth having in life some effort is required to keep your stamped concrete driveway a thing of beauty for many years. Find out more about the many benefits of a stamped concrete driveway!

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